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Cambridge Temperature Concepts Limited (CTC) develops consumer telemedicine solutions to pressing healthcare needs. Founded in 2006 by scientists at the University of Cambridge in England, the company is now at the forefront of research and commercialisation of in-home patient care, saving patients, hospitals, insurers and the state millions of pounds annual in healthcare costs.
The flagship DuoFertility product (available at and helps infertile patients to conceive naturally by providing continuous at-home fertility monitoring linked to expert support. DuoFertility is suitable for about 80% of infertile patients, including half of those undergoing expensive and invasive IVF procedures, and has been shown to have the same pregnancy rate as a cycle of IVF for those patients. DuoFertility, being an at-home solution with internet-delivered care, costs less than a tenth as much as a cycle of IVF, whilst being totally non-invasive and drug-free.


Consumer Telemedicine is the concept of in-home delivered healthcare provided via internet-connected sensors and medical consultants. Our first product, DuoFertility, is used by thousands of couples and has shown a 90% reduction in the cost of care compared to the clinical standard of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).





DuoFertility is a fertility monitoring service with expert support, and a pregnancy rate like IVF at a fraction of the cost.


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